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Additional 2011 BBQG Quilt Show photos
Peggy C. took the show set-up photos, and Briana M. took the show photos - thank you, ladies!

The quilt intake committee above. Below, the real "worker bees" of the guild! Thanks to ALL of you...without you, this show couldn't have happened, let alone been so marvelous!

Above, right, the committee of helpers who succeeded in setting up the frames and hanging the quilts.

Photos below were taken by Briana M. They are presented in the order they were received.

Above, left, Linda B. with her "Fun With Snowpeople," First Place in Block of the Month/Kits. Above, right, Betty B. with her "Welsh Beauty," Third Place in Block of the Month/Kits. Below, left, Betty B. with her "Crazy Logs Jacket," Honorable Mention in Wearables. Below, right, Joan B. with her "Wearable Art Quilt," Second Place in Wearables.

Above, left, Jeanette P. with her "Friendship - A blessing from God," tied for Second Place in Group. Above, right, Michaele J. and Linda B. with Michaele's "Pizza Box Friends," Second Place in Group. Below, left, Margie K. W. with her "Diamonds, Girls Best Friend," First Place in Reproduction. Below, right, Margie K. W. with her "Pineapple Patch," Second Place in Reproduction.

Below, left, Margie K. W. with her "Monkey Wrench," Second Place in Scrap. Below, right, Margie K. W. with her "Blue Out of Control," Second Place in Large Traditional Pieced.

Above, left, Nadine S. with her "Summer Retreat," Honorable Mention in Group. Above, right, Nadine S. with her "Leftover Popcorn," Judge Nell D. S.'s Recognition. Below, left, Michaele J.'s "Christmas Memories," Third Place in Other Technique. Below, right, Bunny D.'s "Tea Cup & Flowers," Honorable Mention is Other Technique.

Above, left, Joan B. with her "OMG:Champz," Honorable Mention in Innovative and Art. Above, right, Lynn T. with her "Peach Delight," Second Place in Small Traditional Pieced. Below, several photos of the vendors and demonstrators who were around the outside perimeter of the show and seemed very busy!

Left, attendees spent lots of time studying the hanging quilts. Below, the Miniature Quilts winners.

Above and right, Ann La Rhea Q. B.'s "Baltimore Beginnings" won Best Machine Quilting and Second Place in Applique.

Above, left, Theresa M. with her "Shakespeare's Tulips," Third Place in Miniature.

Right, The Applique Society Bee's "A Jacobean Album," First Place in Group and the Donation Quilt for 2011.

Above, left, Connie S. with her "Two at a Time," Third Place in Scrap. Above, right, Connie S. with her "Daisy Explosion," First Place in Innovative and Art. Below, left, Diane B. with her "Finally Fall," First Place in Large Traditional Pieced. Below, right, Sue S. with her "Caroline's Butterflies," Third Place in Reproduction.

Above, left, Sue S. with her "In The Meadow," Second Place in Other Technique. Above, right, Sue S. with her "48 Reds + 1 Green = A bushel of love," Honorable Mention in Scrap. Below, left, Dottie W. with her "Spider Web," Honorable Mention in Block of the Month/Kits. Below, right, Dottie W. with her "Cucina Italiano," Honorable Mention in Block of the Month/Kits.

Above, left, Joan B. in her vendor's booth. Above, right, Hallie M., thrilled with winning a door prize! Below, the Bluebonnet Store with director Theresa M.

Below, left, the Baskets were a huge success! Here, Kimberly D. supervises drawings.

Below, the 2012 Donation Quilt: