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BBQG 33rd Quilt Show: A World of Color

June 17-18, 2022

The Theme category for the quilt competition will be "A World of Color".

The Care Quilt Challenge category will be "Color Outside the Box".

The Theme category for the quilt competition will be "A World of Color".

Our show location has changed!
This year our show will be located at the Brazos County Expo!!

This show is our primary fund raising event. All money raised goes to fund college scholarships for local high school students as well as education programs for our members and the community.

2022 BBQG Commitee Chairpersons
Committee: Chairperson:
Quilt Show: Donna Bracewell & Charles Gilreath
Publicity: Debbie Ginn
Donation Quilt Construction: Janet Kirkpatrick
Donation Quilt Ticket Sales: unfilled
Care Quilt Challenge: Maggie McGuire
Hospitality (vendor food): Rachelle Kubricht
Ribbon Committee Rhonda Kuboviak
Judges & Awards: Connie Silber
Quilt Appraisals: Bunny Douglas
Quilt Receiving & Dispersing: Charles Gilreath
Quilt Registration: Denise Mackan & Christine Deppe
Setup & Hanging of Quilts: Linda Bridges
Show Pin & Programs: Christine Deppe
Vendors: Debbie Brooks
Bluebonnet Boutique: Theresa Morrison
Basket Blitz: Kitty Ard
White Elephant Shop: Marjean Neve & Melody Nelson
Front Desk Ticket Sales: Kay Fitzpatrick Simmons
History: Carol Willson
White Gloves: unfilled
Quilt Sales: unfilled

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